Windows Server 2016 – The Next Generation

Windows Server 2016 – The Next Generation

I woke up this morning and was on my way to the gym when I received an annoying alert on my phone announcing Microsoft’s Product Announcement for Windows Server 2016.

It’s finally here.  Windows the Next Generation!”  Really!?!  All that was missing was the 1970s chic product gal with the glittering smile.

We just can’t wait to tell you how great it is and all the cool new things we have added to make your life simpler, faster, and better.  Somehow, I think I have been here before.

Windows the Next Generation…. hmmm.  As I sit here writing this article sipping on a cool Texas glass of Iced Tea, I can’t help but wonder how we’ve gotten here.  Travel with me back to a simpler time.

I can remember when Microsoft Windows was a simple tool that crashed daily.  You often had break out your 14, 3.5 inch floppy disks for a reload of a patch.  For those of you who are old enough, you might even remember the good old days of Windows NT in 1995.  They told me it was Windows the New Technology (NT).  Sounds an awful like the Next Generation, just without the Borg and Captain Picard!  My first experience with Windows NT involved a lot of rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, and reinstalling some more.

But I digress.  Today I was just given the news that as of October 15th we will be able to download and install Windows Server 2016.  This means that those of you have been putting off your Windows Server Technology upgrades and are still running on Windows 2003.. are now officially running a 13 year-old operating system.

I wonder how many of you still have a 13-year-old refrigerator or drive 13-year-old cars?

Like a lot of Technology improvements Windows touts Server 2016 as the next best thing, but is it really?  One thing is for certain, if you are running 2003 or 2008 it’s time to come out of the closet, pull up your shorts, and move into the 21st century!

So ultimately, why do we care about Windows Server 2016?   The driving factor to move to a new Operating System has been largely driven by security concerns for the last several years.

In the end, an upgrade grants us new features, improvements, and even new tools.  Those alone don’t push people to do upgrades. However, if you can prevent the latest Chinese hacker from remoting into one of your systems, it’s an investment well worth it.

So, even if Windows Server 2016 isn’t the best, baddest, and meanest.  You need to be involved.  Your technology health is critical.  So get on board.  The news is filled with headlines like “Yahoo compromised and 500,000,000 accounts stolen.”  Don’t be the victim.

After all, new technology is the first line of defense against the new threats in the 21st century.