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VOIP Phone System Upgrade Service

Professional Phone Systems for Every Business

For Business Owners

ECXSystems specializes helping your business find the right VOIP system for your business. We partner with all of the leading vendors to help you find the features you need to grow your business.

If your company is still running a traditional phone system, it’s time to move your telephony into the Internet age with VOIP and Unified Communications.

For IT Professionals

It is essential that every business has unified communications. Voicemail, IVRs, Call Routing, and queuing are now standard features of any telephony system, and we offer fully supported solutions to help you answer questions about your evolving Digital PBX needs.

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We Deliver Cost-Effective VOIP Solutions for Businesses of any Size.

Making the change-over to Voice over IP is an investment that can give your company a major competitive advantage. But in order to ensure a successful implementation, your network has to be ready to handle the demands of VoIP. If you have been considering a VoIP solution for your enterprise, ECXSystems can help you get the right solution off the ground and make the transition as smooth as possible. VOIP-phone-upgrade-service-Internet-Phone-ECXSystems-IT-Company-1

The advantages of installing a VoIP system are many—reduced monthly operating costs, easy administration via a graphical user interface, portability, and access by multiple locations. All of these benefits add up to greater productivity, allowing employees to work anywhere via telephone, broadband network, or video, 24 by 7 customer service, and minimal real estate requirements.

VOIP-phone-upgrade-service-Internet-Phone-ECXSystems-IT-Company-2 But any VoIP installation has inherent risks and stringent requirements for maximum efficiency. Does your network have sufficient bandwidth to handle the flow of data and voice? Is it properly tuned to maintain call quality and continual service? Is there sufficient back-up power in place so that you never miss a single call? With decades of experience in legacy voice communications systems and IT infrastructure consulting, ECXSystems can step in to guide you through the complexities of VoIP and help you make an informed decision—whether it’s a complete changeover to VoIP or some combination of VoIP and PBX. We will support your decision-making process, manage a successful installation, set up a performance and cost tracking process, and train internal resources to maintain the systems.

VOIP-phone-upgrade-service-Internet-Phone-ECXSystems-IT-Company-3 Because VoIP systems require that multiple vendors and systems work collaboratively and cooperatively, a detailed project plan and clear communication is absolutely essential for success. As your VoIP project lead, ECXSystems will work closely with all of the vendors involved to ensure a smooth installation along with careful monitoring and control of ongoing costs. As an objective consultant, ECXSystems only interest is to serve your best interests. In addition to VoIP, we have extensive experience in all major brands of legacy phone systems and networks and are experts at designing and managing the installation of physical infrastructure including wiring, power, and data circuits.

You can rest assured that your VoIP implementation will be on time, on budget, and problem-free in the experienced hands of ECXSystems.