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As specialists in technology leasing and financing, VAR Technology Finance can help you acquire technology with a cost-effective payment plan. Our innovative financing options ensure that you receive a payment plan that fits your budgetary needs. As a VAR Technology Finance customer, you have access to a dedicated finance specialist who is able to guide you through the entire process. We make things simple for you, because doing things with premier service is what we do best.

You might prefer to use working capital to outright purchase your technology. However, the reality is that technology depreciates rapidly; it’s typically not an asset you’ll want to hold onto for over 3-5 years. With a leasing option, you’re able to take advantage of the technology by using it without the long-term risk of having old, obsolete equipment.  Additionally, when you chose to lease, you can send back the technology at the end of the term and we will erase all data, then dispose of it using EPA compliant methods. A Tech Refresh plan will also allow you to get new technology after you return your old equipment.

IT Hardware

Telecom Equipment

Point of Sale Systems

Installation and Labor

100% Software

Digital Signage


Security Equipment

Program Offering

-25+ years of IT channel expertise

-Valuable resource for IT planning

-Credit pre-screening available

-Conference calls with your technology vendor

-Live updates throughout the financing process

-Direct accessibility to a single point-of-contact

Product Offering

-Total Solution Financing

-0% Interest on 36-month FMV leases

-Financing on up to 100% software

-Better than Zero on 100% hardware

-90-Day Deferred Payments

-$0 down leasing

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10 Reasons to Lease

There are many reasons why businesses choose leasing and financing options to acquire their technology instead of paying cash. Here are the top 10 reasons why smart businesses lease:

Why VAR?

  1. They live and breathe technology and can give you a yes or no same day!
  2. They have a 25 year track record
  3. They can do a lease when the bank says No.
  4. ECXSystems has worked with Paul at VAR on multiple engagements and he delivers FAST, ACCURATE and REASONABLE quotes same day and then works directly with our clients, getting us out of the middle and back to what we know best!

What’s in it for Me?

  1. You close more sales.
  2. You are able to provide better solutions for your customers… solutions that they cannot afford up front but are easy monthly payments.
  3. Leasing is MUCH better tax wise then a Capital investment… which makes you a better partner with your customer.
  4. You can deliver your quote two ways…. the total … like always …. AND the same quote showing the Monthly Payment!   YES!