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Nutanix invented the Hyperconverged Infrastructure market, and as the leader, we have a significant lead in terms of features, vision, and customer base.  We currently have more than 400 of the F1000 which is the highest % for HCI on the planet (though other competitors may spin their % differently, product giveaways via ELA’s etc – in terms of production, running footprints, nobody is close in the F1000 to us).  Boiled down in its simplest form, the most common way we answer the question, “Why Nutanix” is that Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure is superior to traditional 3 tier infrastructures based on 6 main tenets:

Ease of Setup

The basic deployment of Nutanix takes 1 hour including hypervisor setup.  Our largest deployments (Best Buy, Disney, FBI, Toyota, Fidelity, AmGen) take 2-3 days.  There are no traditional, 3-tier infrastructure companies that boast rapid setups.

Ease of Management

Because we can manage hypervisor, storage, and compute all in the same box, we are extremely easy to deploy, easy to scale, easy to manage, easy to report against, easy to support and easy to learn.  By nature, having 3 or more vendors to call for help, 3 maintenance bills to pay, etc. is more complicated logistically, but since our architecture eliminates LUN’s, SAN, RAID, Masking, etc – all common issues of 3 tier infrastructures, our file system and overall architecture is literally much simpler.

Since we control and report on all three facets of the stack inside the same box, we have the ability to ease things like hypervisor conversions to 1 click, hypervisor upgrades to 1 click, storage and server firmware all with a single click upgrade – VERY easy, and very simple.  No downtime.


According to the laws of physics, moving the storage adjacent to the compute, and not across a storage network and storage controller, provides a huge burst in I/O increase. Additionally, Nutanix has all of the common performance features found in SAN’s like dedupe, compression, erase coding, etc, which all contribute to unmatched performance. Additionally, we leverage the latest in Solid State Drive technology for 100% of our writes.  All flash performance…Many SAN vendors in the 3-tier world will leverage flash in the SAN, but can not take full advantage of the performance available as they are constrained by the storage controller bottleneck.


As one of our largest CIO customers in Dallas says, “moving from vBlock to Nutanix was the best thing we ever did.  It was 20% less expensive to acquire, but 80% cheaper to run…” Nutanix, being an all-in-one solution, typically will be cheaper from a topline perspective, but the operational savings, and potential hypervisor savings (using our free hypervisor, Acropolis) can drastically reduce data center infrastructure costs.  Imagine adding storage or compute to your datacenter in 90 seconds and 2 mouse-clicks?  That’s us.


As mentioned above, Nutanix puts our customers’ Technical Support experience a top priority.  1/3rd of our employees worldwide are support staff, and Nutanix enjoys a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of an industry leading 92 (  We have varying levels of support – calls are answered by cross-training engineers with the goal of resolving your issue whether its software, hardware, hypervisor, etc.  There are no conventional infrastructure companies that are anywhere near our support rating, nor any that support all tiers of infrastructure on the same ticket.


Our heritage is in the original Google File System, the mother of all Hyperconverged system(our CEO was the original author of the GFS).  Distributed everything, software everything, no hardware reliance, no SAN.  Everything has built in, native redundancy.  We can lose a drive or an entire node, and keep running as all blocks of data are written local and on one other node elsewhere.  ConocoPhillips selected us to run on their rigs in the gulf for this very reason – if there is a hardware failure for any reason, there isn’t the ability to run out another drive.  Resiliency is key, and it seems the same would apply to the floating hospitals at Mercy Ships.

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Analysts are 100% behind us as the leader, and we are the top rated HCI product with Forrester, IDC, and Gartner among others (all found here:

“NUTANIX will be a bigger change to technology than VMWare was!”


-Keith Willis, President, ECXSystems

What’s in it for me?


You can size the Nutanix box to your client’s Current needs… not what you think they will need next year or three years from now.   When they grow and need extra power…. just add a node!


That easy, that simple.  Don’t have your clients spending money before they need to.


Combines it all into one box… and then blows the performance and speed into the next century.  It is that good!


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