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Running on 1.25 Billion PC’s worldwide, Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the tech industry today. ECXSystems has been partnering with Microsoft since Windows 95 and have NEVER been unable to solve an issue for clients or ourselves.


For Example


Recently a new client called about a server issue. He told us that Microsoft had been working on it for four days and recently escalated it up their chain again. Our team at ECXSystems was able to solve the issue and have the customer up and running within 5 hours.

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We are SPLA Partners

We average 300 Exchange Migrations per year. In 2015 our Team successfully completed 672 Exchange Migration’s. We OWN this process!

Because we do so many migrations, we have the scripts, shortcuts and gotchas already plotted. In other words, we're gonna save you time and since time is money...well, you get the picture.

We HOST Exchange, so you're in control.