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What is Infrascale?

It is the MSP Silver Bullet to protect ALL of your clients from the disaster of downtime and lost revenue… regardless of the cause.

It is BACKUP AND Disaster Recovery that is delivered as a MONTHLY service! Affordable? Oh, YES!

Ransomware protection/defense…. Built in.

On a client based appliance AND the cloud… for 15 minute recovery

Enterprise level? ABSOLUTELY.

DRaaS as a service!

Ransomware Technical Support Company

Benefits for ECXSystems MSP Partners


Infrascale allows our MSP Partners to provide enterprise-class backup, DR and archiving in one solution.

Why Infrascale?

  1. YOU can deliver Enterprise Level Backup and Disaster Recovery to your smallest client for under $200 per month!
  2. It is scalable and will grow with your client, as your client needs it.
  3. ECXSystems has several successful installations and this works!  From dental offices, to schools, to engineering firms… happy, protected, customers!

What’s in it for me?

  1. Regular WEBEXs on Ransomware, DR and other related issues to train you and YOUR customer.
  2. Infrascale and ECXSystems will host a customer Demo for you and your customer.
  3. Easy steps to gather customer sizing for the perfect unit fit…no hassle
  4. Build a monthly recurring revenue stream.
  5. Your customers will not be involved with the nightmare of ransomware, and the debilitating downtime associated with the recovery.