Fornida provides the best in-class service, delivers the highest quality electronic commodities, and finds the least costly means of doing so.

Fornida is a tier 2 Distributor of IT Hardware (focus on datacenter gear: server, storage, and networking) that can deliver fully configured solutions in 24-48 hours with discounts that are much less than traditional distribution.

  • We only carry a handful of manufacturers
  • We have some of the best discounts on the market today – in which I’d be happy to show you in a Quote.
  • We provide Free Solution Architecting with our Lead Engineer (20+ years of experience), Free Configuration Services and Free UPS Ground Shipping for all of our Clients – which is only 2-3 Days to you.
  • We will have an easy-to-use configurator so you can build your solution yourself if you prefer as well as check stock.