Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fall to Ransomware (Webinar Replay)

Ransomware is THE MOST talked about tech issue today.  Period.  In 2016 businesses, institutions (hospitals, universities, etc.) and governments, paid out in excess of $1 BILLION in ransom.  The overall cost to these same entities was in excess of $60 Billion!  The extra $59 B was from down time… resulting in lost sales, productivity and in many cases closed businesses.

The title of the webinar is … Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fall to Ransomware.

Top 3 Take Aways:

  1. Ransomware is a product developed by multinational criminal enterprises, with deep pockets, huge budgets and advanced technologists on their payrolls.
  2. Deleting a file or files that are ransomware encrypted will result in total data loss.
  3. Recovering from ransomware, via paying the ransom, typically results in twice the downtime expected… and the longer you are down, the greater short and long term cost to your business!


This webex provides the details, effects on business AND a real world solution to protect your business or practice.