Hyperconvergence is not the name for a new German punk rock band or even the latest new Pharmaceutical being hawked on TV by the ever lengthy 90-second commercial.  So, how is hyperconvergence the next big thing and why should you care?

Up until a couple of years ago, most of us were being told that virtualization was the way of the future.  Well the future is here.  If at least 90% of your environment isn’t virtualized, you should call us immediately.  You are wasting money, time, and energy.

So if virtualization was the future, how is the next future thing Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence is virtualization done better.  A hyperconverged platform provides the ultimate in software management and integration.  Imagine all of the pieces of your network managed simpler and better.  One single pane of glass for all of your infrastructure.

Now, imagine Enterprise class virtualization features without the VMWare tax, or if you want, you can continue to use VMWare.

In essence, hyperconvergence allows us to deploy an infinitely expandable environment without the hard separation between networking, compute, and storage.

What does this look like?

Most of us need to understand what the physical representation of this actually looks like.  For most of us, this will be a hardware chassis with drives and hardware blades in it.  The drives will act as converged storage while the blades offer the processing power.  The magic is in the software.

Hyperconvergence is currently being offered by both Nutanix and Scale computing.  Both are interesting and both look to completely displace VMWare.  The jury is out, but the future is here.

….BUT, I like VMWare!

Of course you do!  As do I!  We all like to dance with who brung ya! (and swing with who swung ya)

Hyperconvergence as a product means to make Hyper-V and VMWare obsolete (if we let it).   The product offerings pushing Hyperconvergence will let you continue to use Hyper-V and VMWare if you like, but they make jumping ship very attractive.

For example, the Nutanix node-based compute solution is a 4 U box with compute and Disks included:

Nutanix includes their own Hyperviser called Acropolis – based on the Linux KVM solution.  Since the reason that Hyperconvergence is so attractive is the turn-key features that dominate the landscape.  Think autoprovisioning of compute, storage, and networking (called Prism).  We no longer have to think about these things as separate disparate technologies.

Need to expand, just add more nodes!

You can keep your VMWare or Hyper-V architecture…or just move them to Acropolis.  Thing is…you get to decide.  However, since Acropolis is included you might just ask yourself why you are continuing to pay for a Hypervisor.  After all, shouldn’t the next generation of technology be cheaper and better than the last?

See how Nutanix is pushing the reasons to switch HERE.

So what does this really mean for my environment?

For the average business, most of us won’t jump straight into hyperconverged platforms.  However, as our old environments age out or we have a need for expansion, this becomes the next logical choice.  Why buy 80TB of storage when you can get a full platform for just a little more?

Ultimately it provides the baseline for the migration to the next generation technology platform.

So, when faced with an aging system or you just need to look to the future….Think Hyperconvergence!  –  It’s here, fast, and ready to make you look good!