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Houston IT Specialists - Houston IT Support - ECXSystems

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Houston IT Specialists

Houston IT Support Services is our specialty. ECX Systems offers Advanced IT Support throughout Houston, Texas. We specialize in implementation and maintenance of technology solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses and advanced IT solutions for local IT Companies. We implement advanced cloud migrations and perfect multiple systems to integrate properly. Our goal is to ensure that all of your technology works together to help your company thrive in today’s highly competitive market.

The IT Help Your Business Needs

As experts in the IT service industry, ECX Systems is involved in every stage of IT management, from system design and hardware selection to implementation and management, offering continual support and guidance.

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A driving force at ECXSystems is to be the FIRST call you make on ANY technology related issue. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with our IT experts today!

IT Consulting Houston, Texas

Houston IT Consulting

With high-speed network analysis, design, integration, installation and maintenance services that not only move data today but also plan for the future, ECXSystems excels in providing customized solutions that fit the needs of your organization.

Every aspect of your communications network is being challenged in an increasingly fast-paced world. High performance organizations demand close collaboration, real-time information sharing, and a constant demand to do more with less.

Reliable, High-Performance IT Solutions

To meet today’s demanding requirements, your network must move information faster and more reliably than ever before. ECXSystems helps clients in diverse industries by providing high-performance network services focused on your needs.

  • Implementing a new LAN/WAN
  • Extending existing networks
  • Updating applications in your current environment
  • Network analysis, design and installation
  • Minimal system disruption
  • Ongoing testing, monitoring and maintenance
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It’s often overlooked or assumed that there will not be an IT requirement after moving to the cloud. This misunderstanding bites organizations big time in unbudgeted costs. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with our IT experts today!

Cloud Support Houston, Texas

Houston Cloud Migrations

ECXSystems cloud computing solutions reduce capital investments and operating costs, improve productivity and increase uptime, all while creating a more elastic environment for business’ current and future needs. By reducing costly hardware infrastructure and pricey environmental maintenance costs, clients gain big savings and the ability to grow on demand.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Costs

ECXSystems works with clients to create custom hosting architectures to meet specific application performance and availability requirements. We offer multiple solutions, including traditional, private and hybrid cloud computing platforms, to easily meet diverse needs. The flexibility of our cloud services ensures scalable, reliable solutions that support your business objectives both now and into the future. Development or production, ECXSystems ensures the application is available with all the resources for maximized performance and minimized costs.

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Upgrading Exchange is critical to your IT security and compatibility, and ECXSystems has the skills to get it done. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with our IT experts today!

Microsoft Exchange Houston, Texas

Houston Microsoft Exchange Support

ECXSystems offers Microsoft Exchange email hosting, which provides organizations with a dedicated virtual server environment for hassle-free email access. Clients can rest assured that company email is secure and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With ECXSystems administering and maintaining mail servers, clients are able to maintain focus on their business initiatives.

Included Features and Benefits

  • Anti Virus
  • Spam/Malware/Spyware Filtering
  • Archiving
  • White List/Black List
  • Migration Assistance
  • Guaranteed Privacy
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Unified Communications Capable
  • Daily Backups & Restore Services
  • Conversion assistance to Exchange
VOIP-Phone-System-Upgrade- houston - ECXSystems-Business-Phone-Upgrade

ECXSystems specializes helping your business find the right VOIP system for your business. We partner with all of the leading vendors to help you find the features you need to grow your business. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with our IT experts today!

VOIP Houston, Texas

Houston VOIP Support

With today’s hyper-converged networks, it is imperative to have a partner that understands the whole as well as the parts. With IP phones, video conferencing, and networked branch offices all working concurrently under one roof, it is critical to have an adequately designed, properly implemented, and continuously monitored network.

ECXSystems is your premier provider of networked voice solutions. Our long-time partnerships with Cisco, Avaya, Spirit, and AT&T provide us with the experience and relationships to design, implement, and support your voice, video, and networking needs. It is no longer effective to plan for voice, video, and networking individually. We have the expertise to orchestrate and execute a multi-technology, multi-vendor plan when you need it.

Whether you’re planning to implement a new solution, upgrade a current solution, or need support for an existing solution, our experienced team will work with you to assess the benefits and risks presented by your current solution and whether it makes sense to plan for a change. Beyond finding a partner to “make it work,” ECXSystems is a partner focused on enabling your organization’s success. Our experience across all aspects of networking and communication helps us lead your organization forward.