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Cloud Migration Service

It’s often overlooked or assumed that there will not be an IT requirement after moving to the cloud.

This grave misunderstanding often causes organizations to suffer enormous difficulties and un-budgeted costs.

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For Business Owners

You’ve probably heard about the cloud and what it can do for your business. As a business owner, chances are you might not be sure whether or not moving to the cloud is right for your business. At ECXSystems, we’ve been doing migrations to the cloud for years and we know what it takes to be successful. We want to work with you to figure out if the cloud is a good idea, and how much of your current system is suitable for the cloud.

We believe in transparency, and we are going to make sure you have all the information and answers you need before making your decision.

For IT Professionals

Migrating to the cloud is a big job. If you have a small, in-house team, it could seem like a daunting task, but ECXSystems is here to provide any support necessary to get you and your team up to speed. We’ve been doing this for years, helping IT departments of any size successfully move to the cloud and have the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain their systems.

We’re here to support you and your team. Making a successful move to the cloud not only makes for a happy client, it makes you look great as an IT Professional.

Honest IT Consulting from Real IT Experts

We don’t believe in the typical runaround that you will get from most IT consultants. We believe in being honest about what it takes for you to succeed. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with our experts for an honest review over how we can help.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cloud Migration


We've Helped Businesses Just Like Yours Successfully Move to the Cloud

We believe in personal accountability, in the question behind the question, or QBQ. We will work with you to find quality answers before they bite anyone in their budget.

Know what you are buying before moving to the cloud.
Aspects of the cloud
ECX Boutique Managed
Unmanaged Hosting
Amazon, etc
Are there hidden fees*, is everything a la carte?NoYesYes
Monthly rack space chargesNoYesYes
Privately ownedYesNoNo
Limited AccessYesNoNo
Certified engineersYesMaybeYes
Is there unescorted physical accessNoYesNo
Controlled environmentYesNoNo
GB Fiber (Multiple sources)YesMaybeYes
Load Balancing FirewallsYesMaybeYes
Redundant power sources (battery and generator)YesMaybeYes
Managed FullyYesNoYes, additional charge
Optional Monthly Data Forensic ReportingYes, additional chargeNoYes, additional charge
All-inclusive Transition PackagesYesMaybeMaybe
Four 9s security is standardYes, can be increased as neededMay be increased as neededYes, can be increased as needed

*Hidden fees are those fees that are often not mentioned or overlooked. e.g. PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, Over-Provisioning and idle VMs, to name a few.