NUTANIX and Tyler Neurosurgical Associates
Tyler Neurosurgical Associates are regional leaders in state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures in North East Texas.

Early 2017, TNA approached ECXSystems with a complex VDI and server infrastructure that they were slowly outgrowing. The unique nature of the practice also requires nearly 100% uptime. Neurosurgeons are available around the clock and need systems and database access throughout nights and weekends. The challenge was to provide an integration path to provide uniform performance and uptime across all of the technologies with the least amount of user impact possible.

The ECX Team worked with the local decision makers to come up with a new Architecture plan to replace all of the core server infrastructure with a Nutanix platform. The final design included a fully Cisco 10GB core for all server platforms, Nutanix for the core redundant server systems, and Dell R740s with Teradici cards on VMWare VSAN for the VDI core. The use of Hyperconvergence provides a much more competitive investment than a full SAN solution and the VSAN provides full SAN uptime without the extra equipment for the VDI. This eliminates the bottlenecks in the traditional SAN model.

Upon completion of the Nutanix installation, TNA was able to achieve a full migration of all of the core software infrastructure to the Nutanix achieving full redundancy in 2U. This eliminates a single storage array and Four (4) 1 U Servers. Combined with the Dell VDI VSAN environment, TNA was able to upgrade to a full Windows 10 VDI deployment providing all new desktops for the end-users. VSAN is implemented on all SSD drives providing high-speed local storage for the Desktops.

“The team over at ECX has made our lives so much easier! When we moved to thin clients, our systems became much more complicated. Now, when something comes up, they are right on top of it. We always feel like we are in good hands and can confidently say our systems run so much better with their team at the helm. Thanks ECX!”
Candace Brown, Business Manager TNA