NUTANIX and Gump’s of San Francisco
Gump’s is THE legendary San Francisco destination for luxury gifts, jewelry, artful objects, and home décor. Established in 1861, Gump’s has been the premier purveyor of craftsmanship and international treasures. Today, Gump’s is a leader in direct-to-you shopping with an award-winning catalog and website showcasing everything from exquisite jade and freshwater pearls to the best in cut crystal, tabletop design, and home décor. Shoppers around the world can experience the singular and memorable shopping experience that San Franciscans have known for more than 150 years.

In early 2017, growing demand and expansion was putting a heavy strain on aging IT infrastructure. Hosting in a premier downtown San Francisco Data Center, Gump’s was nearly out of space and out of server resources. With nearly 2 Racks of committed rack space, they needed a seamless solution with guaranteed uptime, and a solution to the ever-expanding hardware problem.

Thinking about the future, the IT Director reached out to the ECX Team looking for some options. Armed with Nutanix and the ability to for it to support their existing VMWare environment, it was the obvious choice for Gump’s. The ECX Team architected a plan that would reduce the entire nearly 2 racks worth of infrastructure to only 4U of total rack space once the old equipment was completely decommissioned.

ECX arrived on-site in early February and deployed a full Nutanix cloud with Dell 10GBps Force 10 switches for the core. In just 2 days, the Nutanix was online, integrated into the environment, and non-critical machines were migrated and running successfully. Over the next week, the team provided training and a basic helping hand as the on-site IT team moved the remainder of the Virtual Machines to Nutanix. By the 3rd week in February, nothing remained on the old platform and the old equipment was set to be powered off.

Nutanix not only saved power and rack footprint, but it enabled Gump’s to double its available processing power and RAM space for future growth.

“ECX provided the road-map, the plan, and executed it perfectly. I’m very grateful to work with ECX. You have been a big help to us countless times. I believe Nutanix is one of the best IT products Gump’s has invested in.”
Marilou Viray-Mosley, IT Director