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EveryCarListed was moving into a new phase of their business. As a result, they needed to have options for real uptime and downtime was not an option. Up until 2015, EveryCarListed was part of Dex Media Corporation and was part of the Dex Media network. Now, they are faced with moving their platforms and technology to a new working environment where they can be guaranteed to have the ultimate uptime for their systems and sites.

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Very Important Relationships, Inc.

In 2009, VIR was at a crossroads in their business. They had been hiring IT staff and renting a single hosted server in a small Datacenter in Phoenix. At its heart, VIR was a software company. The new direction for the software platform was going to yield dozens of new Linux Web servers to provide failover and redundancy to the end-user experience.

VIR needed a solution that would provide for customized growth, reduce IT staff and costs, and provide a way to get full service technology without having to bring everything in house. The cost to stay renting space in the Phoenix Datacenter was astronomical

NUTANIX and Gump’s of San Francisco

Gump’s is THE legendary San Francisco destination for luxury gifts, jewelry, artful objects, and home décor. Established in 1861, Gump’s has been the premier purveyor of craftsmanship and international treasures. Today, Gump’s is a leader in direct-to-you shopping with an award-winning catalog and website showcasing everything from exquisite jade and freshwater pearls to the best in cut crystal, tabletop design, and home décor. Shoppers around the world can experience the singular and memorable shopping experience that San Franciscans have known for more than 150 years.

NUTANIX and Tyler Neurosurgical Associates

Tyler Neurosurgical Associates are regional leaders in state-of-the-art neurosurgical procedures in North East Texas.

Early 2017, TNA approached ECXSystems with a complex VDI and server infrastructure that they were slowly outgrowing. The unique nature of the practice also requires nearly 100% uptime. Neurosurgeons are available around the clock and need systems and database access throughout nights and weekends. The challenge was to provide an integration path to provide uniform performance and uptime across all of the technologies with the least amount of user impact possible.

NUTANIX and United 1st Federal Credit Union

United 1st Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution that provides financial services to people who have a common bond through occupation, association or community.

They were established in 1943 to serve the employees of the Kraft bag plant in St Marys, GA. Over the years, membership has grown to include not only numerous city and county government groups but also many companies, organizations and geographic areas. With so many ways to qualify for membership the organization has grown to include over 25,000 members from across Georgia and beyond.

NUTANIX and Econnected Data

EconnectData is a core boutique Tier 3 Data Center in Bloomsburg, PA. The data center boasts 2500 square feet of fully redundant power and Rack space. The racks are not open to the public for walk-in but are secured and only hosted services are provided. The provided services include e-mail, server hosting, anti-spam, hosted backup, and more. The core services hosted environment spanned 3 racks of SANS, servers, and supporting technology. The challenge to the EconnectData center was to reduce the footprint and electricity consumption while also increasing performance.