“ECXSystems is committed to bringing Fortune 100 level technology to businesses and organizations across the United States, at affordable prices.


We do that by moving away from the old legacy pricing structure, by leveraging technology for maximum savings and impact to the customer; and by delivering no compromise service and attention to detail.”


– Keith Willis, President

We work with technology to fit the way YOU do business, NOT change your business practices to fit the technology!


Our team brings decades of technology and management experience to the table. We’ve built hundreds of internet systems, dozens of telecom systems, thousands of migrations, fixes, patches, Klingon Death Rays… you name it, and our Team has had their fingers on it.


ECX delivers a level of technological expertise to the project that is only seen on the largest corporate or government jobs… at prices designed for the average business or organization struggling for success.

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Meet the Team

Keith Managed IT Service Provider

Keith Willis, MS Technology


I have been at the cutting edge of technology since the early 90’s. As a technologist, I have been involved in projects ranging across all industries from the very small mom and pop, large Federal projects, and Fortune 50 solutions.


During this journey, I realized that most of my peers were held hostage by the very technology they were supporting. As a result, I built a team of specialists to tackle those very issues. Often we find that IT folks are stuck in the middle between the vendors and the software companies where no one company wants to take responsibility for the IT problem at hand. I call this the “grey area of technology.”


In order to battle this epidemic, I formed ECXSystems to help face these challenges and to help my peers reach new heights in the growth of their companies. My goal is to help other businesses and IT shops to simply make their business better.


Every IT problem has a solution. We never leave our partners hanging, we back everything we do, and insure that our customers always have the outcome they deserve. As a partner with ECXSystems, our partners simply say” Yes” to each and every opportunity.

Paul Managed IT Services

Paul Daniel

VP Network Operations

Paul brings to the company nearly 20 years of experience working with everything from end-user support to managing a Network Operations Center that services 4000 customers. His skills include providing excellent Customer Service, Advanced Windows Administration, VMWare Enterprise, Enterprise Storage, and Linux Administration. Paul has experience streamlining Application Servers and strives to reduce IT costs for ECX customers across all levels of the enterprise. Paul owned and operated a successful ISP for over 10 years.


As V.P. of Network Operations, Paul is responsible for working hand in hand with our customers to make sure their transition is seamless.

John Managed IT Services

John Klinger

VP Data Center Management

John brings 15 years of experience working in ISP and Telco operations in the northeastern US. With experience in both traditional copper lines as well as fiber systems, John has created exceptionally diverse and robust networks over the past 12 years. With such a rich background, he is able to anticipate the future needs of data centers, from server space to bandwidth needed, at all locations.

As VP, Data Center Management, John is charged with ensuring client data security as well as location security, redundancy and uptime.

David IT Service

David Rasco

Business Development

David Rasco, M.S. Human Resource Development, is an accomplished management leader, having served in senior management positions for nationwide organizations over the past three decades. His dominant skills are in organizational behavior, strategic management, sales and marketing leadership and employee development.