IT Support Services


Our Customers Call Us For…

  • CLASSIC MSP Tier 3 Help Desk Escalation
  • Challenging, time consuming, and nuisance projects helping your team avoid resource issues
  • Short Term help because team members are on vacation or out sick
  • Large projects that take time, thus impacts your service level for other clients
  • NOC and Cloud Managed Services

Our Customers Call Us Because…

  • Our Engineers are Holistic Generalists. They manage system health, not a piece of it.
  • Our Engineers work in PODS creating a wide available skillset for each customer
  • Our PODS are FAST, creating lasting solutions and additional customer revenue
  • Our Partners can tell THEIR customers YES to any size or scope of requested project
  • ECX Guarantees their work. Period.


For Business Owners

IT needs to be part of your business, not just a problem to solve or an added cost. At ECXSystems, we understand that your business needs a system that is both efficient and cost-effective, and we have the expertise to provide you with exactly what you need. We believe in a “holistic” approach to IT. In other words, all of your systems need to work together in perfect harmony so that you have one less thing to worry about. That is, until your business has outgrown your current system. We intend to help you make that happen!

For IT Professionals

If all of your systems aren’t working together, chances are you are making too much work for yourself. We believe in a more “holistic” approach to systems integrations. In other words, we can help you restructure your architecture to increase efficiency, and decrease your hours in the server room. No more late nights trying to remote into way too many systems and dealing with issues that could have been avoided. When everything works together, your life becomes easier. That is why we call it a “holistic” approach to IT.

We work with technology to fit the way YOU do business, NOT change your business practices to fit the technology!

Our team brings decades of technology and management experience to the table. We’ve built hundreds of internet systems, dozens of telecom systems, thousands of migrations, fixes, patches, Klingon Death Rays… you name it, and our Team has had their fingers on it.

ECX delivers a level of technological expertise to the project that is only seen on the largest corporate or government jobs… at prices designed for the average business or organization struggling for success.

Hear From Our Clients

MSP Partner Program

IT Help for IT Professionals

ECXSystems provides IT support for the IT industry and IT professionals. We help resolve problems through expert consulting and project management. We can be your specialist or the extra set of eyes you may need to solve your IT issues. We are IT Pros; we will not waste time redoing what you’ve already done. We get right to work applying our superior IT experience to fix your system and get your team back to work.


Services We Provide


A driving force at ECXSystems is to be the FIRST call you make on ANY technology related issue. We have the experience and tools necessary to handle any job, big or small.


It’s often overlooked or assumed that there will not be an IT requirement after moving to the cloud. This misunderstanding bites organizations big time in unbudgeted costs.

Microsoft Exchange

Upgrading Exchange is critical to your IT security and compatibility, and ECX Systems has the skills to get it done. Migrations, hosting, anti-spam, you name it, we can do it.


ECXSystems specializes in helping your business find the right VOIP system. We partner with the leading vendors to help find the features you need to have the enterprise phone system you deserve.