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Upgrade facility network to newer Server, OS, and network architecture to meet the continued challenges of future growth in our industry with the ability to customize the solution.

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“With the constant barrage of emails and advertisements regarding virtual environments, cloud services, SaaS, and web exposure, our small company struggled to find a solution to enable us to expand into these areas while we maintained the ability to operate independently within our facility and accomplishing great efficiency in productivity with both domestic and international exposure.


Through the advice and direction of ECXSystems, we have been able to take a traditional contained and antiquated small business network operating between two locations in different states into a more efficient capability with less hardware while allowing staff to increase their production.


By implementing their recommendations, we have been able to increase production at workstations without having to go through complete replacement, triple protect backup of data, and establish redundancy of server management in the case of a failure.  The numbers have reflected considerable savings through following their advice that has allowed us to develop surplus in the budget so that we could apply to other areas of web exposure in our marketing which they also support.  Win-Win.


Most importantly, like most small companies, the level of all-around IT network support is not necessary or affordable to have a full-time staffer.  Therefore, in-house IT staff have to be resourceful in their ability to find answers and solve problems quickly.  This is the biggest contribution that ECX Systems has made for our company.


While it is understood that we risk the amazing response times by shining a light on a great company that could, potentially, result in the consequence to us that their demand goes up, kudos for a job well done by ECX Systems to point us in a productive and expandable future in the global marketing direction.  I highly recommend ECX Systems to businesses of any size for all their IT needs.”

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